Berkeley. 21.

—Beautiful Pain (ft. Sia)

everything is on fire
today is a painful reminder of why
standing in the flames
it’s a beautiful kind of pain, setting fire to yesterday

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City And Colour

—The Girl

City & Colour - The Girl

I wish I could do better by you
‘Cause that’s what you deserve
You sacrifice so much of your life
In order for this to work

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—Never Knew I Needed

you’re the best thing i never knew i needed
my accidental happily ever after

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Avril Lavigne

—Give You What You Like


I’ve got this scene in my head
I’m not sure how it ends
Is it love?
Maybe one day

Give You What You Like - Avril Lavigne

Taylor Swift

—Sweeter Than Fiction


Just a shot, just a shot in the dark
All you got, all you got are your shattered hopes

Sweeter Than Fiction - Taylor Swift

Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran

—Old School Love

Give me that old school love right now


As long as I’m here
As long as you love me
Give me that old school love right now

Old School Love - Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran

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Michael Franti & Spearhead

—I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)

Michael Franti & Spearhead - I’m Alive

Hop into my car and drive like

Fireworks, we will ignite

Through the San Francisco night

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